Black History Month: Rise Celestial Studios Honors Black Girls

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Black History Month: Rise Celestial Studios Honors Black Girls.
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A term used to celebrate the beauty, power, resilience and universal awesomeness of black women. -The definition of Black Girl Magic

My entire life I have been surrounded by Black women. My family like so many others is filled with black girl magic. I know first hand how incredible the Black women is and I know by turning on a television or simply surfing the web how often they are ridiculed, violated and chastised by forces beyond their control.

Body shaming, hair jokes, Light skin vs Dark skin comparison in beauty and what’s desirable…the list goes on and on. These are elements that every black girl is far too familiar with and I’m sure are haunted by.

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If you’re a black girl and you find yourself in the hospital than most likely you’ll be ignored, dismissed or down right given the bottom ring of service.

If you’re a black girl you aren’t passionate you’re loud. You’re not smart your stuck up. You don’t suffer from mental health, you’re crazy.

Media perpetuates a lot of these negative untrue biases and often with little to no repercussions.

Unfortunately, there are way too many people with platforms hurting our black girls rather than uplifting. I, an avid hip hop and rap supporter even can admit that there is a double standard in urban culture currently and there have been instances where rap stars share ignorant comments and opinions that do more harm than good. Only by admitting there is a problem can one begin to fix it.

-CEO/President of Rise Celestial Studios honors Black Girls and highlights major issues concerning women of color.



The American Healthcare System Is Failing Black Women

Imagine this: You go to the doctor and routinely feel unseen, unheard, misunderstood. Sometimes you fear you’ve been misdiagnosed. But your concerns are brushed off. You aren’t apprised of the full range of treatment options—the doctor seems to assume they don’t apply to you, or that you can’t take in all the information. Your local hospital is underfunded, the equipment outdated, frequently nonfunctional.

You’re denied pain meds. You’re handled brusquely. Staff openly question your ability to pay.

While not every black woman has had experiences like these, they’re disappointingly familiar to legions of us. Indeed, there is enough anecdotal and factual evidence to suggest that a dangerous color-based bias is baked into the American healthcare system, affecting even well-educated, upper-middle-class patients—the type you might expect to be immune from such inequity.

*Source: O magazine

Black Women Often Ignored by Social Justice Movements

Black women are often less likely to be associated with the concept of a “typical woman” and are viewed as more similar to Black men than to White women, which may lead to some antiracist and feminist movements failing to advocate for the rights of Black women, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association.
“Black women are often overlooked in people’s conversations about racism and sexism even though they face a unique combination of both of these forms of discrimination simultaneously,” said lead researcher Stewart Coles, a PhD candidate at the University of Michigan’s Department of Communication and Media. “This ‘intersectional invisibility’ means that movements that are supposed to help Black women may be contributing to their marginalization.”
*Source: APA journal Translational Issues in Psychological Science

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