Origins Saga |   Destiny or Coincidence?

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Philadelphia, PA  | Rise News

On the winding days of Summer ’14, Ralph Celestin was deep in thought and reflection as his journey in life had lead him to his move to the City of Brotherly Love from the Beantown State of Boston, Massachusetts. Ralph had arrived 20 mins. prior to departure just to make sure he was able to get a window seat and watch his beloved City were he’s spent so much of his adolescent and early adulthood grow smaller and smaller. As the train drifted further and further into the stretch of iron and wood, Ralph thought of everything he was leaving behind, his first Feature Film District C11, his Best Friends, his Sister and his ailing Grandfather who raised him, all for a new job in a new city with no friends or family for miles.  

Ralph arrived 20 mins. early because he understood the importance of this day and a window seat would allow him to not miss a moment.

The warmth from the Sun reaches as high as 90 degrees even in the last days of summer in Florida, in Philadelphia…quite the opposite. And yet, a young 24-year-old man with a few bags of clothes and a short list of experience, jumped on a Night Owl that would soar him from one part of the U.S. to the City of Brotherly Love. Eric Lovett Jr. had searched for film work in FL for months with little success. In Philadelphia, he had a few possible opportunities and he had a friend who could get him a job as Camera Operator for a media company. Waiting for him at the end of his flight was a small 2BD apartment, a new job and a whole new world waiting to be explored. 

Not more than 30 days after the big move, these two men’s world would collide. Out of the hundreds of ads that are posted a day for crew needed in film, out of the hundreds of professionals that apply for these openings, Eric lovett Jr. found himself sitting in a board room over looking the entire City, face to face with Ralph Celestin. As each told their stories of how it is they came to be in the same room, at the same moment at life, they realized their stories were a mere reflection of each other’s. 

Was it Destiny that brought them together? Was it Coincidence?  

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