Rise Celestial Studios Honors Martin Luther King Day by releasing a MEME

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By: Ralph A. Celestin, News Producer/Investigative Reporter
Boston | Washington, D.C
I found it necessary to do something a bit more definitive for this MLK Day than my typical past approaches of simply creating a poignant post. Very rarely am I ever in the mood to create a MEME and of the few times I have, its often come at a moment where I am the most at ease with the subtle reality of life, death and life beyond death…your legend.
Martin Luther King has cemented himself as someone who will forever be spoken of in the halls of eternity. His humble act of fighting for the civil rights of Americans, his Nobel peace prize, his moving speeches and deeply touching writings all leave a trail to what greatness looks like and sounds like.
Now so far into the future since his passing, his work and in some ways his spirit lives on. I personally wrote about MLK in my college entry applications as one the men I deeply look up to. A fond memory that only now as I write this post, did it even strike me to think of.
“Learn to sympathize with your enemy and you will find a friend,” I wrote this because I feel it true. And I think MLK would agree with me.  I hope this meme gets shared and read by many all over the world and I hope it continues the work that Martin Luther King began.

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