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AN INSTANT CULT CLASSIC! — From Ralph A. World, award winning poet, visionary filmmaker behind critically acclaimed coming of age “Boston to Philly” and long time activist, who’s built a legend where his original literature is viewed by the world as both a personal statement and work of art, comes his debut poetry collection, A Toast to Life.

The intimate collection spans through various stages of adolescence with musings and intimate moments derived from life’s brief instances of respite, spoken from inside the mind of a bright eyed, young black boy with much to learn. With every turn of the page and colorful description of seasons passing, the literature evolves, progresses and manifests to a new found perspective of young adulthood in the working class experiencing life’s highs and lows far too fast.

Ralph’s creativity and immense talent is on full display as he strikingly paints vivid imagery with original tales and ballads providing controversial social commentary on many key issues impacting the world today.

“Let Them Eat Cake,” a war cry against classism. “The Drunk Slave,” a darkly beautiful homage to the time of negro spirituals and the struggles endured. “A Jewish Man,” a tale set during the Holocaust and “Black Power,” a spoken word gospel honoring the civil rights era and the new Gen Z era of revolution. These and many more are all key highlights which solidifies the complete multi-dimensional body of work A Toast to Life truly is. Ralph A. World sharply writes about these triggering and emotionally difficult subject matters with such subtle nuance, flirtation and grace, that an unfamiliar truth is delivered in each poem that leaves you needing the time and space to process what you’ve just read. Every line is poignant, feels genuine and evokes deep emotion & reflection.

You will laugh and cry, you will be left in a state of pondering in deep thought, you will scream along in synchrony and be put to ease with lustful and romantic imagination that innocently soothes the soul. You will experience life with each poem read and you will toast to it.

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Follow Ralph A. World “From the moment of my birth and throughout my progression in life, each piece of literature I have written is in some way shaped and formed by my culture and upbringing… Laughter is my therapy; it is my piece of serenity amongst the chaos that occurs at different points in life. I am an explorer, a proud inspirer and above all else an artist. My canvas is a blank sheet of paper, my brush a ballpoint pen and my inspiration to create work comes from my ability to breathe in the wonders of life and appreciate all the unique scents.” –

Ralph A. World Known by many as an artist and a visionary, Ralph A.World has made it a life mission to constantly strive to express himself through multiple different platforms of which he holds value towards. Many of his works of poetry date back to a very young age, first receiving national recognition among the writing community after winning multiple contests and having a series of in depth poems published in a Young Poets Anthropology, a publication dedicated to nurturing the beauty, self expression and fun of poetry in young writers. His personal writing style boasts a found familiarity to the likes of Langston Hughes, Shel Silverstein and Edgar Allen Poe.

As a first generation Haitian-American, Ralph was raised within a household that closely followed Haitian traditions and heavily emphasized the love and respect for the history of the great nation of Ayiti. With his own very unique and original perspective on how he approaches life and art, whether it’s poetry or film, constantly strives to build a platform where he can display his unique style and passion so that his work can be viewed by the world as both a personal statement and a work of art.

As a pure Social Activist and Revolutionist, Ralph passionately works for social and political change using his platform on social media and other mediums to stress race equity, equality, female empowerment and non violence. As of 2022, he has become one of the most sought out premiere Public Speakers in the east coast market bringing a fresh new dynamic to inspirational/motivational speaking and doing so by stressing core values and urging the youth of our country to realize the importance of maintaining certain principles and perspectives when pursuing your dreams and when dealing with failures. Ralph has been featured in multiple media syndicates including NBC, Philadelphia Inquirer, San Francisco BayView, and CityLine ABC.

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