Black History Month: Rise Celestial Studios Honors Tayla Andre

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I have never met a person like Tayla Andre. Now as I prepare myself to take on the insurmountable challenge of trying to touch on what she means not only to me but to the community of which she resides in…I find myself stuck and unsure how to even begin. So I look to my good friend google to help guide the way…

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7 tips for conquering any seemingly insurmountable challenge .

  1. Assess your assignment and needs to get the job done. …

  2. Communication is key. …

  3. Document the process. …

  4. Delegate. …

  5. Create digestible parts. …

  6. Take time to acknowledge achievements. …

  7. Keep your eye on the prize.

Ugh, I don’t think this list really is going to help much but I will do my best.

Assess your assignment & Create digestible parts

Tayla is a living, breathing legend, a mogul with hands and ties in almost every medium. She is incredible no matter the title or hat she has on for the job at hand. My literal first introduction to Tayla was online when I came across a passionate video of a woman sharing her political views in regards to Boston, Baby Mommas & Black Fathers.


Tayla Andre exemplifies the true meaning of “working for the people”. Her extensive background involves a platform that not only is of influence to a large masses of people but to her community in which she is passionate about. While a ‘Jill’ of many trades, her eagerness to learn and educate others, affinity for activism and urgency to unify communities coupled with her background as a community outreach volunteer, mentor, counselor, social media connoisseur…

Buy her book here;


I was mesmerized by what I was hearing. She was unapologetic in her delivery and violent with her opinions. It was powerful and at times infuriating to hear the truth in her words and the reality in the news she was sharing. I instantly felt I had to follow her and learn more about other topics she felt passionate about. Tayla isn’t PC and she isn’t for the faint of heart…she is herself and that level of authenticity is rare.


Then came the introduction to her Podcast, her YouTube channel and her Facebook page! I had all the content I needed to feed my inquisitive mind. She was relentless with her observations and critiques. No one was safe! No topic was off limits and if it was relevant to the people then best believe Tayla Andre was going to drop some gems on it. Her list of guests included every major politician and public figure the entire state of MA has to offer. If you need buzz or if you have something to make public you reached out to Tayla and you go on air and sit on the hot seat. She will be ready and you better make sure you’re ready also.

Tayla’s YouTube Page: Subscribe Now

Tayla’s Podcast: Listen Now

When we finally met in person it was at an amazing Cuban restaurant in the middle of the city. The perfect night to share a good meal and a few strong drinks. I was fresh off the buzz of my first movie and I was ready to begin production on my second feature film that I intended to film entirely in Boston. I needed actors and I needed a diverse cast of people established in the entertainment industry to lead the film. Tayla fit the bill. She was reliable and serious about her approach to content creation. She was dedicated and like me, she wouldn’t dare work with anyone who wasn’t morally and ethically on the same page. Our first meeting was a gut check. Real recognize real type of thing…it was one of the greatest first encounters I have ever had with anyone.

Communication is Key

“Well the jokes on you Google because Tayla has publicly renounced Black History Month, so if I were to communicate with her I plan to Honor her she would most likely say to hell with it.”



Take time to acknowledge achievements


This is Tayla Andre we are talking about…smh. This list is pointless

“The list of professional achievements and politicians who she has helped out without asking for nothing in return is simply too long for me to write out. But when you look deeper into Tayla you will find that she is at heart a mother who has an incredible family of young kings and queens that will most likely grow to great and influential positions in society. How do I know this? In the short time I’ve had the honor to call Tayla a friend and somewhat a mentor in my life, I’ve only become smarter, wiser and more successful. Her greatness rubs off I guess…

Trisha Mondesir, Miss Dominican Republic Francesa Neval & Tayla Andre at the Sold Out screening of Sellas Kitchen (releasing Summer 21)

We asked some of Boston’s leaders what the city’s next mayor should do. Here are their answers

Tayla Andre with yet another feature in the Boston Globe -2023

Whenever Tayla blesses me with her time either via phone or in person I continue to pressure Tayla to run for office one day. Partly as a joke because she is so against it but also because I will rest well knowing there is someone like Tayla making sure the downtrodden of Boston are acknowledged.

-CEO/President of Rise Celestial Studios, Ralph Celestin honors Tayla Andre.

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