A Moment in History | La La Land Part II

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La La Land Part II | Circa’ 22 Libra Season

“Stomping my feet with authority as I traversed the boulevard of broken dreams known as Hollywood is simply the only way I could ever imagine living.”

“In a foreign land still so green around the ears, guided by shear tenacity and good karma the whirlwind of high profile events and the flashing lights that came with it was a odd mixture to go along with my inner conflict of mourning and reflection for my friend and mentor Mikaben.”

“So much excitement, it was easy to forget, and allow my thoughts and spirit be swept away by the cool fizz of expensive champagne and the jubilation of meeting the icon himself P Frank. As if that milestone wasn’t enough to sit only a few feet away as another Icon Felton Pilate receive his lifetime achievement award was in no better word…euphoric.”

“Seeing someone else happy and succeed is always the best way for me to feel better. Always been the case. But whenever I jumped on social I was reminded that at the same time I was living my best life my entire nation of Haiti was remembering a lost life. My entire hip hop culture was mourning a lost life. Truly is the best of times and the worst of times. Such is life”

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