A Moment In History | Great Event, Greater Loss for The Community. Part 1

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Circa Spring ‘23 ~ A moment in history. This event was so epic. Celebrities, millionaires, gorgeous women, free open bar and free Haitian Patte. Right in the Seaport! Boujee scene type ting.
Everyone was out killin em with the style and swag! When the visuals drops for this night you won’t even believe it. And you all going to make sure you at the next big one! Shoutout to the gang gang 🙏🏾💡🌹.

A lot of people here were there for the first time ever at one of my events. That was the mood I wanted to set. Build new community and expand. Youth and age, generations coming together to form new relationships and bonds. Stand up and fight together to make the world better. #socialimpact
But you know we were shinning too bright bright cause Even the cops came out on some hater ish at the very end. And y’all know me a true black panther, I was ready to riot if they stopped Amanda Shea from performing. No black woman gets muted round me. . .Epic 😂 💯

Then I looked at my phone and the emotions shifted…
Yet another situation where I’m celebrating a dope moment in life with beautiful mix of spirits and vibes but at the very end of the night at 2:35am, I find out my friend and first ever mentor passed away. I was already beyond tipsy. Just like my bday earlier when Mikaben passed. I was in celebration mode and boom now I gotta pour out L for the homie and stay face till I get home to register all that’ shit. #mentalhealthawareness

Bro my 30 for 30 is real. How can you not root for me? How can you not stand up for me? Imagine if the opps pulled it and started blicking just cause I wanted to do something free and inclusive for my community. How long would they mourn me💯 #2pac voice?
Gods plan. Ya boy made it through to tell the tale.

Are you not entertained? #gladiator #ralphaworld #rip #weswilliams #camp9 #haitianblog

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