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Ralph Anthony Celestin is an award winning filmmaker most notably recognized for his directorial debut, critically acclaimed film Boston2Philly, which has screened throughout the entire globe in various highly competitive and noteworthy film festivals such as the PanAfrican Cannes festival in France, the San Francisco Black Film festival and the Roxbury International Film Festival where Ralph received the Kay Bourne Emerging Filmmaker Award.

With an already successful directorial debut in Boston2Philly, which features multiple levels of recognizable celebrities, Ralph has emerged as the east coast’s premiere filmmaker and has positioned himself to truly launch into the next level among Hollywood elites. The list of awards and recognition have begun to pile on as his premiere project travels throughout the festival circuit. Awards such as Best Actor at the Las Vegas Black Film Festival, Best Music Score at the Philadelphia Independent Film Awards are just a few noteworthy credits added to Ralph’s growing list of achievements.

Boston2Philly most recently won Best Film at the Motion Picture Association of Haiti awards, the final crowning achievement before distribution on Amazon Prime Video to the US and UK market. As of 2019, Ralph was hired by one of the largest entertainment media conglomerates in the world, NBC Universal Studios. He is currently stationed on the east coast producing large scale projects for cable release. Simultaneously as a Independent filmmaker, Ralph’s sophomore directorial debut project S.E.L.LA’s Kitchen premiered June 28th at Northeastern University’s Blackman Theater. The 980 seat theater reached full capacity an hour before showtime.

Known by many as an artist and a visionary, Ralph A. has made it a life mission to constantly strive to express himself through multiple different platforms of which he holds value towards. Many of his works date back to a very young age, first receiving national recognition among the writing community after two poems published in the Young Poets Anthropology, 2006, a publication dedicated to nurturing the beauty, self expression and fun of poetry in young writers.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts in the late 1980’s, Ralph was raised in the town of Arlington, one of the first villages settled by European colonists in 1635 under the name Menotomy, an Algonquian word meaning “swift running water.” The town’s creed/moto is Libertatis Propugnatio Hereditas Avita (Latin) “The Defense of Liberty is Our Ancestral Heritage.”

Ralph with his own very different perspective on how he approaches life and art, whether its film, photography or writing, constantly strives to build a platform where he can display his unique style and passions so that his work can be viewed by the world as both a personal statement and a work of art.


Ralph A. Celestin is an award winning filmmaker based out of the East Coast most notably recognized for critically acclaimed film Boston2Philly and new Haitian American film shooting in Boston, S.E.L.L.A’s KITCHEN. Ralph has traveled as a public speaker in numerous schools and Universities as well as been featured in multiple media syndicates including Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer & San Fran BayView Newspaper.

A pure Revolutionist, Ralph Celestin has become one of the most premiere Public Speakers in the east coast market. Traveling to multiple High Schools and Universities throughout the coast line Ralph Celestin brings a fresh new dynamic to Inspirational/Motivational speaking and does so by stressing core values and urging the youth of our country to realize the importance of maintaining certain principles and perspectives when pursuing your dreams and when dealing with failures.

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On behalf of myself and the entire production office, I want to extend a heart-felt thank you for the commitment to making our projects and dreams a reality. It was always my vision and the production committee to inform, entertain, and provide a positive forum for audiences throughout the country to sit and watch our creations and find inspiration. Your aid whether it be with a generous contribution, consulting, publicity and inquiry has helped tremendously and for that we are forever grateful

Ralph A. Celestin

The production team behind S.E.L.L.A’s Kitchen is proud to announce the partnership with the following organizations:

  • NewTV
  • Brookline Interactive Group
  • Hatian Coalition of Philadelphia
  • Hollywood East Talent Casting
  • Greater Philadelphia Film Office
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