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Rise Celestial Studios presents the Boston to Philly Podcast.

Our celebrity hosts Rose Nice and Glory cover all the action and provide you with genuine heartfelt dialogue from personal narratives and also interviews with expert witnesses.

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The Israel Palestine conflict: Live Discussion - Boston to Philly | Podcast
Boston to Philly | Podcast - Expert witness at DMX Funeral, Gillie Da Kid vs A
Boston to Philly | Podcast - Sgt. Pentland expert Witness, Lets discuss Trauma Porn,

About Us

Show Synopsis:

A culturally woke and emotionally riveting podcast dedicated to covering diverse topics in today’s urban/political climate and correlating it to some of the dynamic and controversial topics covered in the indie cult classic movie Boston to Philly. Each episode comes with a LIVE Audience of Special Guest Panelists all equipped with the intellectual prowess to leave listeners on the edge of their seats and the tea simmering hot. Support this podcast:

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Boston2Philly is a coming-of-age independent drama that chronicles the life of Rome “Boston” (Ralph A.), a young male from Boston, struggling with his identity and his ability to form real relationships in his new city of Philadelphia after a tragic accident takes the lives of his family.
Set on a fictional Philadelphia University campus, Rome encounters Professor Balan who challenges his freshmen class to develop a deeper relationship with their “inner selves,” along with connecting on a more personal level with their peers.

Meet Our Host

Rosa Nice, a BMI artist and songwriter, is an entertainer whose spirit drifts in the wind, and one whose music has no boundaries and touches all. She believes that from dust we are all born and to dust we all return. Rosa currently resides in Philadelphia, but she lays claim to the whole Earth as her stomping grounds. The product of a military family, Rosa is a pretty one to look at, but her mesmerizing harmonies and her memorable melodies are what keep your attention as she continues to grow as a musician, as a writer, as an entertainer, and as a person. Determined to succeed after separating from an abusive husband, Rosa found that her only way out of the cycle of abuse and depression was through music and self- love. Her accolades include an associates in psychology, opening for Young Swag at Voltage Lounge, singing for the Philadelphia Holiday Giveback 2019, hosting HiiPowerRadio on Blazin267, hosting QMic Radio on 92.9 fm, over 100,000 streams for her debut project, Rosa Nice to Meet You, and much more
Shekinah credited as Glory or iLLgawdess, is an African American actress, radio show host and model who appears in various publications. A few of her merits includes a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing from Florida State University. She holds under her belt publications as a featured model in Philly Funtimes Magazine, MunaLuchi Bride Winter issue 2021 and Medium. She is from the sunshine state, Florida and currently resides in Philly. Glory is made for the big screen, having been in a commercial as the lead dog mom for Pet Valu. A subtle yet impactful talent Glory also possesses is that she is a poet and lyricist hence, her degree in Creative Writing with a focus in poetry. You can find one of her prize winning poems in the book Women Under Scrutiny. Glory is a trailblazer, taking the world by it’s reigns and rising to new heights. She terms herself, the underdog you need to watch out for. Although appearing soft spoken at many times, she’s one you’ll need to keep an eye on, truly she is a surprise factor.

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