Rise Celestial Studios Announces Next Major Film, “SPY BALLOON”

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Rise Celestial Studios announces its next major feature film to begin filming, “SPY BALLOON.”SPY BALLOON, is 2023 American Espionage, Action/Drama 90 min film.

The following details are all that has been made public as of now…

Film Score Composed by Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Dr. Felton Pilate.

Comes as no surprise that only a short time from when President/CEO of Rise Celestial Studios, Ralph Celestin managed to find him self present to witness Dr. Pilate receive one of his greatest achievements of his storied career that the these two forces would now join forces.

“You can only hope that when you make that phone call they pick up the phone. From there the next prayer is will they agree to be a part of your project and dream to turn words into a realty. It was just my lucky day I guess…”

-President/CEO Ralph Celestin discusses how it all came to be.

Inspired by true events and portrayed as both relative realism and dramatized fantasy, Spy Balloon embodies the classic Spy genre involving espionage as a major plot device and  driven by rivalries and intrigues between major world powers (China and USA). 

The original and potential viral film concept takes a dramatized deep dive into the real life tension of a potential WW3,  the tech evolution of each modern intelligence agency and the growing clash between the low income communities in the US and the law enforcement in place to protect and serve.

Starring an ensemble cast of leading social media stars and established celebrities: Apryl Jones, Shiggy, Wahlberg, Russell “Back Pack Kid” and many more soon to be announced!

Along with the large-scale global story arc, at its core our thrill ride follows a small lower class family broken and reeling from the fall out of the devastating events depicted in Spy Balloon.

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